Farmington Woman To Hold Book Signing

(Farmington) A book signing will be held next Tuesday in Farmington for an area woman who has written a book called Small Hinges Move Big Doors. Amy Welker, who is a life and wellness coach, a chaplain and a motivational speaker, tells us about her book.

Amy Welker
Pictures courtesy of author!
Amy Welker
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Amy Welker
Picture courtesy of author

Welker says she’s incorporated both family and friends into her book.

The first book signing will take place on Tuesday, May 16th from 6-8 at ColJac’s in downtown Farmington. There’s also going to be a book signing on May 23rd at Aesop’s Treasury in Farmington. The book will also be available in late June at the Farmington Public Library. Hear our full interview with Welker below.