(FARMINGTON) The Farmington Wood Bat Tournament gets underway Friday and will feature a round robin between Farmington, Festus, Winfield, and Pattonville. Regional Radio will have coverage of all of Farmington’s games during the tournament this weekend.

The first game for the 6-12 Knights will pin them against the 6-8 Winfield Warriors. Even with wooden bats required, Knights head coach Scott Hibbits says that his players are comfortable swinging the lumber.

Hibbits also says he likes how his team is shaping up for this tournament because their strength as of late has been on the mound.

Following that game, the Festus Tigers will take on Farmington. With wooden bats being used, Tigers head coach Jeff Montgomery has a bit of a different approach from Hibbits and says the game changes a little.

Coach Montgomery knows the record isn’t where he wants it to be at 4-10, but his guys have played a challenging schedule.

Coverage begins with the Flieg’s Equipment Pregame Show at 4:15 before the first game between Farmington and Winfield on AM-800 KREI. The Farmington/Festus game will follow on KREI and also on AM-1400 KJFF.