Farmington Youngsters Thoughts on the Coronavirus

(Farmington) So are young people taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously?

What are they doing to pass the time?

We found a couple youngsters this week on the KREI ball field located behind our radio station.

They seemed to be having a good time.

So, we decided to talk to Aiden Barton, who is in the 7th grade and his buddy “Silent Nick”, who is in the 5th grade.

We asked Aiden his thoughts on the pandemic.

We asked Aiden how they are using all this free time they now have.

And what does “Silent Nick” think about the situation. Aiden is his spokesman.

Both kids say they are practicing social distancing.

Right now, Aiden, “Silent Nick” and all other students at the Farmington School District are scheduled to return back to the classroom on April 6th but that date will probably be pushed back.