Female victim uninjured after being shot while inside her home

(Festus) A 32-year-old Festus woman was shot at a residence in the 3200 block of Victoria Ann Drive near Festus on Sunday afternoon.

According to Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Grant Bissell, the incident happened shortly before 4pm when the female victim called to say she was shot while inside her home.

EMS was called to the scene however the victim declined medical treatment.

Officers followed the trajectory of the bullet based on where the woman was standing and the hole through the window and ended up going to a different residence on a neighboring street in the 3200 block of Evergreen Court.

The suspect, who was not at the residence at the time of deputies arrival, was contacted via phone. He confirmed he was outside shooting and that the incident was an accident.

The female victim did not want to pursue charges but did ask that the suspect pay for the damages in which he did agree to do.

While the victim is not pushing any charges, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has applied for charges of Unlawful Use of a Weapon and 2nd Degree Property Damage through the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.