Feral Hogs Damaging Viburnum Golf Course

(Viburnum, Mo.) The last couple of years, the Viburnum golf course has received multiple damage areas on the course from feral hogs.

Lance Mayfield is the golf course manager of the public course located in northwestern Iron County.

Mayfield says they have had feral hog hunters and trappers trying to rid the area of these pests but it’s not easy.

A new grass that has been added to the golf course, during the last several years, has limited the damage from the wild hogs.

Even with some damage to the course, the Viburnum Golf and Country Club is still one of the most picturesque golf courses in the area.

It’s also one of the cheapest places to play.

Weekday prices are 20-dollars for the entire day, 14 for 18 holes or just 7 dollars for 9 holes.

Weekend prices are 25 dollars for the full day, 17 for 18 holes and 12 dollars to play 9 holes.

You can also rent golf carts, starting at 10 dollars up to 25 for a full day of golf.

To schedule a tee time, call the clubhouse at 573-244-5688.