Festus And Crystal City Try To Clear Up Concerns And On The Sewer Plant Sale To JCPSD

(FESTUS, CRYSTAL CITY) There have been a lot of opinions and concerns from the residents of both Festus and Crystal City with the sale of their sewer treatment plant to the Jefferson County Public Sewer District. Many of the concerns have ranged from having to register their residence and if they would have to pay a $100 deposit. Crystal City City Administrator Jason Eisenbeis wanted to set the record straight.

Eisenbeis says an outside group had been maintaining the plant which needs upgrades and the cost of improvements would have been expensive.

Festus City Administrator Greg Camp says the rates will stay the same for two years, and residents in Festus will see a reduction in rates.

So why was the sale of the sewer and treatment plant not put to a vote of the public? Camp explains why…

The current residents in Festus and Crystal City will NOT have to pay a $100 deposit for services. However, if you are just now moving into either of the two cities, yes, you will have to pay that deposit, which would have been a common fee if you were still paying the cities for services. Every resident in the cities should have or will be getting a letter in the mail from the Jefferson County Public Sewer District explaining the changes. Your first bill from the JCPSD will come in April and included will be your account number and a CID number. Anyone with questions or concerns can contact Crystal City and Festus City Hall, or call the JCPSD at (636) 797-9900.