Festus businesses affected by a broken pipe in December about to reopen

(Festus) Severe cold temperatures caused a pipe to burst inside a building in the 100 block of Festus Main Street around Christmas time last year. Several of the businesses there had to close their operations to repairs, and renovations to fix the damage. Tree of Life Home Decor and Furnishings, Cobblestone Frame & Art Gallery, Dance Plus Studio, and the Twin City Chamber of Commerce location were all affected by water damage. Rick Fisher is the owner of Cobblestone Frame and Art Gallery. He says things were a complete mess when he and the other business owners returned from the holiday.

Michelle Hohmeier is the owner of Tree of Life Home Decor and Furnishings. She says her part of the building was in even worse condition.

While Cobblestone was able to stay in business with outside orders and appointments, Tree of Life had to close completely. Hohmeier says they are close to opening back up, and the space will look a lot different.

Tree of Life plans to be back open on November 4th, which is the Festus-Crystal City Ladies Night which is a Historic Tanglefoot Association event. Cobblestone Frame and Art Gallery plans to reopen to the public on November 11th. Also, the Twin City Chamber of Commerce plans to move back into their space in the building in the future as well.