(Festus) The Festus School District received high marks in the Annual Performance Report (APR) released by the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE).

Areas assessed included: academic achievement, college and career readiness, attendance, and graduation rate.

According to benchmarks established by DESE the Festus School District attained the highest possible threshold in the area of academic achievement.

The APR is an annual report issued by DESE to show how well a district is meeting Missouri School Improvement Plan (MSIP) indicators.

In previous years, DESE assigned points to each standard assessed and each district’s “score” was a percentage of the possible points eared. For instance, last year, the Festus R-VI School district earned a 100 percent score.

However, this year, the APR has a much different overall look. Gone are the points.

In lieu of points, the APR Summary report features a color-coded bar chart to show which category the district is performing at among 4 possible.

The 4 possible areas include: floor, approaching, on-track, and target.