Festus Triple Jump Record Now Belongs to Branch

(HERCULANEUM)    Festus High School track and field athlete Ahrmad Branch who set a new Festus record in the long jump last week, is now the holder of the school’s triple jump record. Branch, a senior, put together an effort of 46 feet, five and a half inches Thursday in the Farmington Quad hosted at Herculaneum High School. According to Branch, he beat the old record by two and a half inches. Branch talks about his mental preparation for Thursday’s (Thursday) record jump.

According to Branch, for a good leap he must remember to keep his arms up.

In the track events, Branch runs in the 4 by 1, the 4 by 4, 100, 200 and 400 meter races. Among all of his accolades, Ahrmad was named last week to the KTJJ Radio Boys Basketball Dream Team.