Follow Union Retreat From Pilot Knob to Leasburg with Historic Auto Tour

(Pilot Knob) 160 years ago next week, the Civil War’s Battle of Pilot Knob took place. September 27th, 1864 was the main day of the battle in the Arcadia Valley.

Courtesy Luke Turnbough

The staff at the state historic site has a special event coming up to coincide with the anniversary.

Park interpreter Brick Autry says this event will start out at Fort Davidson.

To see if any bus or van seats are still available, call Battle of Pilot Knob State Historic Site at 573-546-3454, or if you want to drive yourself, meet at the park at 8:30 Saturday morning, September 30th.

This auto tour will tell you what happened after the Battle of Pilot Knob and the subsequent escape of the Union forces, even though most say the under-manned Union troops won that battle.

There will be several stops, including a lunch stop in Sullivan.

Courtesy Luke Turnbough

The tour will then return with a stop in Potosi to interpret Confederate Calvary General Jo Shelby’s activities, which were occurring at the same time as the battle.

Tour stops include Caledonia, Palmer, Huzzah Conservation Area and then up the Huzzah Valley to Leasburg.

Courtesy Luke Turnbough