In the Parkland Health Mart WEB TV game of the week, the battle of the Blackcats was claimed by the visiting Gold and Black of Fredericktown 56-28 tonight (Friday) at Herculaneum.

Both teams entered the contest at 0-1 and started punching almost immediately. with the game tied at 7-7, Herculaneum converted a Chandler Jones interception to the lead.

The gold and black received the second half kickoff, and put together one of the greatest quarters in Fredericktown history. It started on its first touch of the third quarter by Noah Korokis.

The Frederictown defense stood pat against the run=heavy Herky offense, and on it’s second touch of the second half.

Parish was named the Patsy’s Home Furniture player of the game with touchdown runs of 42 and 53 yards, eclipsing the century total on the ground.

The back-to-back TDs stunned Herculaneum but the gold and black cats went for the knockout blow.

At 42-14, the Fredericktown defense wanted in on the third-frame barrage.

Chris Penuel with the pick-six to cap off a 28-point third quarter for the winning Blackcats.

Fredericktown head coach Chuck Ford on his team’s dominant quarter.

Ford earned his first victory as the Fredericktown head coach moving to 1-1 on the season. The 56 point total tied the most scored by a Fredericktown team since the 2012 playoffs. Herculaneum falls to 0-2.