Fredericktown’s Akins To Play Football at Greenville University

(Fredericktown) Michael Akins was one of the hard workers that tried to help turn Fredericktown into a competitive football team. His effort is paying off as he has accepted an opportunity to play football at Greenville University in Illinois. Akins says Greenville offers him a good blend of faith, football and education.

Akins says he’s been playing football for 13 years. He tells us why he loves the sport.

At 5’2″ and 191 pounds Akins played primarily nose guard and running back for the Blackcats.

We asked him about a favorite offensive play.

We asked Akins how he’ll prepare for the college level.

Fredericktown went 3-7 last year. The Greenville Panthers went 7-3 at the NCAA Division Three level last season.