The Old Mines Area Historical Society’s annual French Heritage Seminar is set to take place on Saturday, April 1st. This year’s edition takes on an extra layer of importance, as it is part of the Old Mines 300th Anniversary Celebration. The event will feature a number of talks and presentations. Event organizer Cindy Merx is most looking forward to a demonstration about the history of food in Missouri.

Merx says the seminar serves as a testament to the endurance and long-standing nature of the Old Mines community.

The French Heritage Seminar will be on Saturday, April 1st at St. Michael House in Fertile. Pre-registration ends on Saturday, March 25th. Admission is 45 dollars for the general public and 25 dollars for students. For more information, write to the Old Mines Area Historical Society at P.O. Box 142, Potosi, MO 63664 or call (573) 854-0508.