Gardner & St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office Subpoenaed

(Jefferson City) State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick issued a subpoena Thursday to Kim Gardner and the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office as part of his ongoing audit of the City of St. Louis.

Subpoenaed documents include bank statements, credit card statements, policy guidelines and other expenditure information.

This information was originally requested on January 23rd with a deadline of February 14th.

Auditor Fitzpatrick says in a news release “Serious questions have been raised about the performance of Kim Gardner’s office and the fact that she refuses to produce basic financial documents for review is extremely concerning.

The people of St. Louis, through their board of aldermen, have requested this audit, so when Ms. Gardner continues to evade her responsibility to produce critical documents as requested, she isn’t just refusing to cooperate with the state auditor’s office, she’s also refusing to cooperate with her own constituents.”

The State Auditor’s Office has been auditing the City of St. Louis for over four years.

The last state audit of the St. Louis was completed in 2010.