Gas Prices Continue To Drop

(Farmington) Gas prices have fallen 25 cents over the past month in Missouri.

Triple-A auto club reports the state’s average gas price is $4.38 per gallon, well below the national average of $4.65 per gallon.

The highest gas prices continue to be in the central, northern, northeast, and eastern parts of the state.

Miller County, near the Lake of the Ozarks, leads with the highest gas price at $4.63 a gallon.

Lower gas prices can be found in southwest Missouri’s Joplin and the Kansas City area.

Around our area, you can find a gallon of gas in Cadet and Jackson at $3.88 a gallon. It’s $3.89 in Farmington, $4.04 in Iron County and $4.18 a gallon in Jefferson County.