Gas Prices Continue To Drop

(Jefferson City) U-S gas prices have dropped by six cents over the last two weeks – to a national average of three dollars, 41 cents a gallon.

Despite the drop, the price of gas is still more than a dollar higher than it was during December of last year.

Triple-A Missouri reports the average price of a gallon of regular-grade gasoline in this state is two dollars, 96 cents a gallon.

That means drivers in Missouri are paying the fourth-lowest gas price average in the country.

Prices nationwide range from 4-77 in the San Francisco Bay area to 2-83 a gallon in Houston, Texas.

Industry watchers say the prices have been falling for a month but are still high.

Locally, prices range from $2.76 in Desloge to $2.65 in High Ridge, $2.94 in Perryville and $3.09 in Viburnum.