Governor Parson Asks For Federal Assistance After A Month Of Storm Damage

(Jefferson City) This week, Governor Parson requested that President Biden approve a major disaster declaration to provide federal assistance for 33 counties in response to multiple severe weather events that impacted portions of Missouri from July 29th through August 14th.

These storms generated tornadoes, straight line winds, heavy rain and flooding, which led to significant damage to public infrastructure.

The governor is confident federal assistance will be forthcoming.

Joint Preliminary Damage Assessments conducted by SEMA, FEMA and local emergency managers estimate more than $14 million in infrastructure damage and emergency response costs occurred.

Locally, the governor is requesting public assistance for Bollinger, Crawford, Iron, Madison, Perry, Ste. Genevieve, and Wayne counties.

If approved, local governments and qualifying nonprofit agencies can seek federal assistance for reimbursement of emergency response and recovery costs, including repair and replacement costs for damaged roads, bridges and other public infrastructure.

Oddly enough, St. Francois County was left off the request even though much of the county did receive some major damage because of one of these storms.