Governor Parson signs Senate Bill 45 at Mercy Jefferson

(Crystal City) Missouri Governor Mike Parson paid a visit to Mercy Hospital Jefferson in Crystal City today (Tuesday) to officially sign Senate Bill 45 into law. The bill originally sponsored by Senator Elaine Gannon of DeSoto began as a bill to extend the postpartum benefits to low-income women from 60 days to a year after a child is born. Senator Gannon says many of the health problems that women suffer after birth take place several months after giving birth.

Gannon says this bill was supported by both Republicans and Democrats, and several well-known organizations supported it as well.

Governor Parson says this bill and some of the other attached amendments will move Missouri in a good direction with healthcare.

Other health amendments attached to Senate Bill 45 include the sale of Naloxone or “Narcan” at local pharmacies, provisions for patient examinations, provisions for health professional loans and grants, and more.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Reinheimer
Image courtesy of Ryan Reinheimer