(HILLSBORO) 2013 Regional Radio Dream Team athlete Taylor Hassell of Hillsboro will take his place as the new face of the Grandview boys basketball program at just 23-years-old.

Taylor has been a volunteer coach for Dan Johnson of Hillsboro, a team manager for SEMO and an assistant coach at Kaskaskia Junior College since graduating in 2013. Hassell shares with us a couple of things he learned as both a player and coach under Johnson.

As a member of the SEMO Redhawk staff under head coach Rick Ray, Taylor got several lessons on how to make defense a strength.

Then came the invaluable experience Taylor got from Kaskaskia’s head coach Brian Hancock who essentially treated him as another head coach.

The Grandview boys basketball team has been plagued by injuries the last two years, resulting in a total of 9 wins after combining for 28 in the two years prior.

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