(HILLSBORO) Chris Miller has led the Grandview boys basketball program the last couple of years and after finishing this last season 6-21, has decided to step down.

Ryan Reinheimer caught up with Miller on KJFF Sports Talk Friday and he explains that his other responsibilities at Grandview were holding him and the players back a bit.

Miller will continue his responsibility at Grandview as its CTA and STA representative, professional development committee member, assistant baseball coach and teacher. When reflecting on the talent Miller had during his tenure, quite a few players come to mind including Koby Klaus.

Miller’s win-loss record in his time as the Grandview boys basketball coach was 37-63. The Eagles have since hired a new coach to run the program and his name is Taylor Hassell. Coach Hassell will join KJFF Sports Talk this afternoon from 4:15 to 5.

Chris Miller Interview