Herculaneum port development adds a huge partner

(Herculaneum) Development of the Mississippi River port in Herculaneum has added another big partner. The news was shared at a press conference held today (Friday) at the Herculaneum Fire Department. As American Patriot Container Transport (APCT) LLC continues to create and build a new shipping container vessel that will have little to no emissions, the Herculaneum port will be a hub along the proposed shipping route on the Mississippi from Louisiana to Iowa and further. Now APM Terminals Mobile, one of the largest shipping companies in the world will be using the port as well. Brian Harold is the Managing Director for APM says it will be a great partnership that many will benefit from.

Mark Denton is the Vice President of Fred Weber LLC and Riverview Commerce Park. He says they will build up the port, and tackle something they have never done before.

Sal Latrico is the CEO of APCT and gives the timeline of when they expect their operations to begin in Herculaneum.

This effort which also includes the Doe Run Company and Hawtex Development was made possible thanks to the Jefferson County Government, along with the Jefferson County Port Authority.