Importance of specially trained prosecutors during jury trials

(Jefferson County) The Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office handles a variety of cases and prosecutes only those crimes that violate state law.

In addition the PA’s office has exclusive jurisdiction over all felony crimes committed in Jefferson County and those misdemeanor offenses which occur in the unincorporated areas of the county.

Travis Partney is the First Assistant Prosecutor at the Jefferson County PA office.

He explains when a case goes to jury trial 12 random jurors are selected knowing nothing about the case and it’s up to the prosecutor to present all the details.

It’s up to the prosecutor to convince all 12 jurors beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty on whatever crime they are accused of committing.

Partney adds that’s when prosecutors who are specialized in a particular area of law comes in handy during trials.

The Office of the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney employs fifteen Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys and has a support staff of thirty employees.

The PA’s office is comprised of four separate and distinct units, the Main Criminal Division; Victim Services Unit; Bad Check/Delinquent Tax Unit; and Child Support Unit.