Iron County Commissioner Discusses Elephant Rocks State Park Closure

(Graniteville) Pictures over the weekend, showing some state parks packed with people, not adhering to social distancing guidelines, may have caused the temporary closure of four of Missouri state parks and the partial closure of one additional park.

This will go in effect Thursday evening at 5 and will continue through April 30th.

Elephant Rocks State Park in Iron County was one of those parks packed with people and it will close Thursday.

Here’s Iron County Presiding Commissioner Jim Scaggs.

So far, there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Iron County and Scaggs wants to keep it that way but he is concerned many people together in one small state park is reason for concern since there were people from across the state at the park in Graniteville.

Scaggs says if you really need to get into the outdoors, the Mark Twain National Forest has plenty of room where you can easily practice social distancing.

The state park with partial closing is also in the listening area.

St. Joe State Park in Park Hills will close their off-road vehicle riding area.

Other state parks closing completely Thursday are Castlewood State Park, Watkins Woolen Mill State Historic Site and Weston Bend State Park.

Also, gates to individual parking lots may close at all state parks if they reach capacity.