Iron County Commissioner Says County Still Being Policed Despite Arrest of Sheriff & Two Deputies

(Ironton) The Iron County Sheriff’s Department was literally cut in half on Thursday.

Sheriff Jeff Burkett, two deputies, Chase Bresnahan and Matthew Cozad, along with Donald “Rick” Gaston, a citizen of Washington County, were all arrested by members of the highway patrol on Thursday, stemming from an alleged scheme back in February where the sheriff and two deputies, attempted to help Gaston kidnap his daughter from the mother of his child.

All are facing numerous felony and misdemeanor charges.

Jim Scaggs is the presiding commissioner of Iron County.

He wants citizens to know the county still has a police presence.

We asked Scaggs his reaction when he heard the news on Thursday.

Burkett’s term as sheriff won’t expire until the end of 2024, so it could be a while until Iron County has a full-fledged sheriff again.

Burkett, who lives in Des Arc, has a bond of $500,000, the deputies $400,000.

If he meets his bond, Burkett will be ordered to wear a G.P.S. monitoring device, he can not serve as sheriff of Iron County while his case is pending, he can not serve as any other type of law enforcement officer either, he can not possess any firearm and he will be ordered to not have contact with or photographing any of the potential witnesses in his case.

Burkett will have a bond reduction hearing in Washington County court on Wednesday.

The two deputies, Bresnahan who lives in Belleview and Cozad, who lives in Bixby, will also have bond reduction hearings in Potosi on Wednesday.