Iron County Courthouse Historic Renovation Project Looks Great

(Ironton) About five years ago, work began on a major undertaking at the Iron County Courthouse in Ironton.

The old structure, first built in 1860, had throughout it’s many years, various renovation jobs but those many different renovations had eventually hid the historic buildings’ original look.

Well now this major project is complete.

When residents pay your county taxes this month, instead of sending a check in the mail, you might want to personally deliver those taxes because that will give you a chance to check out all the beautiful historic renovations.

One portion of this 5-year project was paid for by a group that had been formed after a multi-million dollar lawsuit was won following Ameren Missouri’s Taum Sauk Reservoir collapse disaster which, by the way happened exactly 17 years ago this week.

An exciting discovery during the Iron County Courthouse restoration project was finding a completely hidden, winding staircase to the right after you walk in the front door.

There were originally twin staircases, one to the left that has always been used but for whatever reason, the staircase on the right side had completely been hidden from view from everyone for many years.

That staircase has now been restored to the way the original architects intended.

Property taxes and personal property taxes are due at the Iron County Collector’s office by December 31st.