(Viburnum) Another school district in the area has decided to go to a 4-day a week schedule for students.

Viburnum will begin the 4-day week next school year.

Superintendent Kent Sherrow says with the district struggling financially, this is something that will help save money for the district.

We asked if there are any concerns about students not retaining what they have learned during the new short week because now students will be away from school for three days in a row instead of two.

Sherrow says early reports from other districts that have already began 4-day weeks are showing no issues.

The superintendent says the Viburnum district will be on an hours-based calendar next year, instead of a days-based calendar.

1,044 hours are needed and anything over 60 hours missed because of weather will not have to be made up.

Sherrow also says school days at Viburnum will be a little bit longer.

The first day for students next school year at Iron County C-4 will be August 24th, the first day public schools in Missouri are allowed to begin a new school year.