It’s Growing Season for Ozark Ginseng

(Farmington) Some in the Ozarks will harvest ginseng in the fall for a way to make some extra cash.

Hayley Honeycutt is a conservation agent for St. Francois County.

She says make sure you know all regulations related to harvesting ginseng and make sure you actually know what it looks like.

Harvesting ginseng on most state and federal lands is prohibited because it is considered a threatened or endangered species in the United States.

You may not harvest ginseng on any property owned or managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

You can harvest ginseng on private property with the owner’s permission.

You do not need a license to harvest ginseng on private property.

Wild ginseng can be harvested in Missouri September 1st through December 31st.

You can purchase, sell or transport wet ginseng September 1st through March 15th and dried ginseng can be purchased, sold or transported September 15th through March 15th.

Ginseng can be taken for stress, to boost the immune system, as a stimulant and is used in many other health-related ways.