Jefferson Blue Jays Join Cole’s Tractor and Equipment Football Roundtable
The Jefferson Blue Jays were the featured guests on this week’s edition of the Cole’s Tractor and Equipment Football Roundtable. Coach Matt Atley and his captains Kole Williams, Nate Breeze, Bennett Pemberton, and Mikey Frisk joined the show to discuss their season and the upcoming matchup with Ste. Genevieve.
Quarterback Kole Williams explains where he’s grown the most this season.

Wide receiver Nate Breeze has missed the last few weeks with a hand injury, but has been able to watch and contribute from the sidelines.

Mikey Frisk plays right guard on offense and middle linebacker on defense. He talks about what goes into knowing both a line and skill position.

Tight end Bennett Pemberton gives a shoutout to the scout team, and talks about it’s importance.

The Blue Jays are 7-0 this year, and will face the Ste. Genevieve Dragons on Friday night. You can listen to that game on J-98.
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