Jefferson County Officials Update County on State of Emergency, and Stay at Home Orders

Jefferson County will be open for business again.

County executive Dennis Gannon announced Tuesday that he had signed an order along with the Jefferson County Health Department to end the Stay at Home Order beginning on Monday, May 4th.

However, there are restrictions and guidelines in place for citizens to follow.

The county’s Emergency Deceleration will remain in effect until further notice.

Jefferson County Health Department director Kelly Vollmar went through some guidelines during Tuesday’s press conference at the administrative building in Hillsboro.

Vollmar also stated what businesses that reopen will have to do.

And Vollmar says the health department encourages businesses to make sure employees are safe.

Gannon’s message to county residents was that, while protective measures are being eased, the pandemic is not over.

The guidelines instituted by the JCHD mirror those in Governor Mike Parson’s Show Me Strong plan to reopen Missouri.
The full list of guidelines is available at the Jefferson County Facebook page.
Executive Dennis Gannon will be live in studio at 9 a.m. Wednesday discussing the executive order on AM 1400 KJFF.

You can listen to the complete press conference by clicking play on the link below.

CLICK HERE To view the Executive Order lifting the Jefferson County Stay at Home Order on Monday, May 4.