Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office crime numbers and trends from 2022

(Hillsboro) Some of the crime numbers for 2022 have been counted and released by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Lieutenant Chris Hoffman is in charge of Platoon 2 with the sheriff’s office. He says vehicle thefts are actually down a bit from 2021.

In 2022 detectives saw a 16% decrease in vehicle thefts from 413 in 2021 to 348 last year. However, 43% of those stolen vehicles were unlocked and 29% had reported keys in the vehicle. The crime that did see a significant increase was catalytic converter thefts.

There were 220 catalytic converter thefts in 2021, and that number increased to 273 in 2022. As of last week, there have been 14 catalytic converter thefts since the start of January.