(Jefferson County) Authorities in Jefferson County continue to track and investigate numerous reports of stolen vehicles throughout the county.

One such case sheriff’s office detectives are looking into is a report of a stolen vehicle from the 2300 block of West Evergreen Drive in the Pacific area.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Grant Bissell says deputies received the call during the morning hours of October 30th.

The victim then reportedly called the suspects in which the two suspects said they would be coming back but after 12 hours of waiting they hadn’t returned.According to Bissell that’s when the victim reached out to the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff’s deputies are also investigating another stolen vehicle case that occurred on October 30th in the 5200 block of Lakewood Terrace in Imperial.

Bissell notes at this point there are no suspects in this case.The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau is handling the investigation of the two reported stolen vehicles.