Jefferson County State Reps get their committee assignments

(Jefferson City) The Missouri Legislature is in its second week of the new session and last week the Missouri House chose which State Reps would serve on which committees. 114th District State Rep. Ken Waller of Herculaneum says he was placed in committees that made sense with his background.

Waller says the other committees include one that is new this year.

Waller was also selected for the Workforce Development committee.

115th State Rep. Cindy Buchheit-Courtway of Festus was selected as the Transportation Infrastructure Chairperson. She is also on the committees of Consent and House Procedure, Ethics, Healthcare Reform, and Rules-Legislative Oversight.

113th State Rep. Phil Amato of Arnold was placed on the Economic Development, Health and Mental Health Policy, Local Government, and Transportation Infrastructure committees.

112th State Rep. Renee Rueter of Imperial was selected to the Budget, General Laws, Pensions, and Subcommittee on Appropriations-General Administration committees.

111th State Rep. Gary Bonacker of House Springs was placed on the Elementary and Secondary Education, Rural Community Development, and Conservation and Natural Resources committees.

97th State Rep. David Casteel of High Ridge was selected for the Economic Development, Professional Registration and Licensing, Ways and Means, and Special Committee on Urban Issues committees.