Jefferson County Voters Turn Down Three Separate Fire Protection District Propositions on Tuesday’s Ballot

(Jefferson County) It was an unfortunate night for two Jefferson County Fire Protection Districts as both departments saw their propositions fail on Tuesday’s ballot.

For the Hillsboro Fire Protection District, Fire Safe Community Prop 24-7 failed by 23 votes.

Hillsboro Fire Chief Brian Gaudet  is understanding of why prop 24-7 was voted down.

347 people voted against prop 24-7 while 324 were in favor.

In the Dunklin Fire Protection District, the two propositions that were on the ballot did not pass.

Prop S, which would have allowed the funds needed to assist with the hire of additional full time firefighters, failed with 493 no votes compared to the 262 yes votes.

Also, Prop P in the district failed with 483 no votes and 278 yes votes.