(HERCULANEUM, MO) The Herculaneum home opener against Jefferson R-7 has been temporarily washed out as lightning postponed this game until Sunday. The Blue Jays lead at the delay 13-0 with 6:59 left to go in the opening quarter. The game began with Jefferson marching down the field methodically before Colby Ott punched it in from 22 yards out.

A few plays later the Blackcats found themselves moving the ball as the rain began to pick up, leading to a Jordan Duncan interception thrown to the Blue Jay’s Erik Eisenbeis. Following that interception the Blue Jays would give the ball to Andrew Graves who would find pay dirt to extend his teams lead.

That would be the final play before the game would be postponed due to the lightning that accompanied Graves touchdown in the spirit of “The Natural.” Our coverage will resume with Jefferson’s point after try following the Graves touchdown. Resumption of play is set for 3:00 Sunday afternoon with coverage to begin at 2:45 on AM 1400 KJFF.