Judge Rules for Redo of Iron County Sheriff Primary Election

(Ironton) Iron County Sheriff Roger Medley filed a petition on August 20th after his apparent defeat to Jeff Burkett in the Republican primary election.

Burkett beat Medley by 73 votes.

On Thursday, Circuit Judge Kelly Parker made a decision to hold a new primary election for sheriff after hearing from numerous witnesses brought in by Sheriff Medley and his attorneys.

This special election will be Tuesday, September 22nd and all five original Republican candidates will be on the ballot.

All polling places in the county will be open for voting.

There is a possibility this court judgement could be appealed.

Some of the irregularities brought to the attention of Judge Parker include absentee ballots not available to voters until 17 days after absentee voting was supposed to begin.

Other irregularities were misprinted ballots at the Ghermanville Precinct which were not corrected until 1 o’clock that election day.

There was an election judge who was the mother-in-law of one of the candidates, there was a discrepency between the total votes reported to the Missouri Secretary of State and the total votes certified by the Iron County Election Authority and an automated tabulating machine tally tape was missing for part of that election night.

Once again, there will be a new Republican primary on Tuesday, September 22nd for Iron County sheriff.