The Kingston basbeall program is entering the fall season intending to prove that returning experience is invalubale for a team despite a lack of recent success. A new head coach and a single win in the previous Fall season are enough of a foundation to build upon to turn around a program that has experienced four wins in the last calender year.

After a single game, the Cougras matched it’s spring win total and new head coach Kyle Nettles says a big group of returning starters are blossoming.

Nettles was promoted from assistant to head coach and says the transition has been smooth due to his already developed relationship with his players. That familarity has both coach and players on the same of wavelength as far as goals to accomplish this Fall season.

The new 26-year old head coach is a West County graduate and fromer MAC Cardinal that has quickly risen to the ranks of head coach. He’s thankful his coaching mentors are available for advice and guidance if needed.

Pitching will determine the success of the Cougars, and Nettles has numerous arms that he can rely upon to reach that team goal of a winning record.