Learn About Flags of the Civil War Friday at Battle of Pilot Knob State Historic Site

(Pilot Knob) An interesting event will take place this weekend at Battle of Pilot Knob State Historic Site.

Local Civil War historian and reenactor Chris Warren will be leading this living history program.

Park Administrator Brian Bethel says it gets going Friday evening at 5:30 with a reception and the program will begin at 6 at the park.

Bethel says these Civil War flags were very important during the heat of battle.

After this Friday evening’s flag event, Battle of Pilot Knob State Historic Site will host another living history program next month.

Civil War reenactor and historian Kevin Smith will tell you about Buffalo Soldiers, a special group of black soldiers.

These Buffalo Soldiers and their story is one not many have heard about.

Smith’s program is called “Meet the Iron Riders”.

These soldiers rode bicycles up to 1,900 miles from the far western territories to St. Louis and to other areas. Smith became interested in this story after taking a history class.

He now reenacts the soldiers and will interpret their feats of endurance and perseverance.

“Meet the Iron Riders” is set for Monday, August 29th at Fort Davidson.

A reception kicks off the event at 5:30 that evening and the program starts at 6 o’clock.