Local Health Officials Give Update on COVID-19

(St. Francois Co., Mo.) The COVID-19 pandemic is as prevalent as ever here in St. Francois County. We spoke with the Director of the St. Francois Health Department Amber Elliot and Dr. Scott Kirkley with Parkland South Medical Center in Farmington to get a better feel on how things are going in St. Francois county. With schools getting ready to head back in a couple of weeks, we wanted to know if masks should be worn for in person classes.

Both Elliott and Dr. Kirkley have been following the lead of Dr. Anthony Fauci in Washington D.C. in terms of how to respond to the virus. Dr. Kirkley tells us what Dr. Fauci has said about a possible vaccine.

Dr. Kirkley fills us in on what he has seen in his hospital and the hospitals in St. Francois county.

According to Amber Elliott, those two deaths are currently under investigation as to whether or not they were caused by COVID-19 and not some other source.