Logan Mize Is Coming To The Hawthorn In St. Louis On Saturday, May 20th

(St. Louis) Country music artist and songwriter Logan Mize is hitting the road for his “Bloodline Tour” in May and he’s making a stop in St. Louis. Mize will end his 12-city, 16-day tour at The Hawthorn in St. Louis on Saturday, May 20th. Mize tells us what to expect at one of his shows and what he’s currently working on.

His songs “Better Off Gone” and “Grew Apart” have combined for more than 125 millions streams on Spotify. His new album “Bloodline” is due out this summer with an EP expected next month. We asked Mize if he’s got any favorite songs to perform.

“Welcome To Prairieville”, Mize’s fifth studio album, was released in October of 2021. It’s some of his most deeply personal work and, while the project was conceived in Nashville, Mize says the album may have never come to fruition if he hadn’t moved back to his home state of Kansas.

The man himself tells us how to get tickets to one of his shows.

Head on over to LoganMize.com to get your tickets to see his performance at The Hawthorn in St. Louis on Saturday, May 20th.

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