Luke Turnbough-News Director/Last Outlaw D.J.

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Howdy kids?

It’s Luke Turnbough.

I’ve been at J-98 since 1998.

I’m the News Director.

I’m also the Last Outlaw D.J. (now verified…all others D.J.’s are little girls, not counting the female D.J.’s)

I play tunes from 4 until 7 and have a show within my show called The Turnbough Special from 4:30 until 5 Monday through Friday afternoons on J-98.

I play Outlaw Country, Bluegrass, Classic Country, Southern Rock, the Blues, Gospel, Americana, live recordings and every once in a while I will even have special guests.

A bunch of it is Country music in which the Nashville fruits have blacklisted because it doesn’t sound like bad pop music.

That’s me standing next to Chief Big Tree Hugger.

I live in Farmington but my hometown is Viburnum and my home bar is Pole Bridge Tavern in Pucky Huddle.

This anonymous woman gives the perfect description of the tavern.

You can listen to the station by clicking this link

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Likes-Good original, clever music & good times