MAC President Dr. Joe Gilgour on Men’s Basketball Coach Greg Heiar
(Park Hills) Mineral Area College has hired a winner to coach its men’s basketball program. Greg Heiar’s junior college coaching record is a sparkling 196-20 with a national championship in 2022 at Northwest Florida State College. However, his short stint as head coach at New Mexico State was marked with off the court incidents that resulted in the University shutting down the program last year. The season last year was stopped after a 9-15 start due to a hazing incident. Earlier in the season one of his players was suspended after he shot and killed someone in what was ruled self defense. MAC President Dr. Joe Gilgour says they spent a little more time on the vetting process for this hire.

Dr. Gilgour says the support for Coach Heiar was overwhelming.

Luke Strege resigned at the end of the last school year and leaves an empty roster. Dr. Gilgour is confident that coach Heiar will have a competitive team on the floor.

Heiar also served as an assistant at Southern Miss, Wichita State, LSU and East Tennessee State.