Main & Mill launches new lager to help benefit outdoor activities, partners with Herrells’ Distributing

(Festus) Main & Mill Brewing Company in Festus is partnering with H.W. Herrells’ Distributing to launch a new light-lager beer. It’s called the ATB, which stands for “All Terrain Beer”, and a percentage of the sales will benefit outdoor organizations, which promote an outdoor and active lifestyle. Main & Mill owner Denny Foster says they worked on the perfect recipe for this light beer for some time.

Foster says distributing with Herrell’s opens the floodgates to find this beer on tap all over Jefferson County.

Foster explains what organizations will benefit from the sales of this beer.

The cans of the “All Terrain Beer” will be rolling out by the end of the summer. The ATB beer can now be found on tap at Main & Mill Brewing Company in Festus. The beer was on tap for the first time through Herrell’s Distributing at the Twin City Firecracker Festival this past weekend.