Mask Mandate Approved For St. Francois County

(Farmington) A mask mandate will be going into effect in St. Francois County on Monday and last until at least October 22nd. The St. Francois County Health Department Board of Directors voted 3-1 to approve the mandate. Close to 150 people were at the Centene Center in Farmington today to voice their opinion on the matter. The majority of those who spoke were against the proposal.

Jack Poston is the director of the health department board of directors. We asked him why they felt compelled to make this move.

Amber Elliot is the director of the health department. She wants everyone to be patient as the county moves forward.

The board will meet again on October 22nd to review the mandate and decide if it should remain in place. Officials says if someone is found guilty of violating the mask mandate, and the prosecuting attorney wants to pursue the matter, it could result in a fine. The lone dissenting vote on the matter came from Doctor Victoria Damba. A copy of the mask order can be found on the health department Facebook page.