(Jefferson City) The Missouri State Legislature’s veto and special sessions are finally over.

State lawmakers only approved two of seven bills the governor wanted to address on violent crime.

Today, they passed a measure to create a fund to protect witnesses and their immediate family members before a court trial but they have not put money into the fund yet.

The legislature also approved a measure lifting a requirement for St. Louis first responders to live in the city.

In the veto session, the House voted today to override Governor Parson’s veto of part of a bill that would allow 140-thousand dollars in state funding to repay businesses overcharged by sales and use taxes.

However, the state Senate did not take action following the House vote, meaning all of the governor’s vetoes will stand.

The marathon special session started July 27th and will cost the State more than 200-thousand dollars according to cost figures from the House and Senate.

This figure does not include mileage, per diem and staffing costs from today.

This year’s special session cost more than 2018 and 2019’s veto and special sessions, 2017’s special session and 2016’s veto session combined.