Month of May is Bicycle Safety Month

The month of May is Bicycle Safety Month, and with the weather becoming warmer, more bicyclists will be on the road with drivers of motor vehicles.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol continues to encourage drivers of both motor vehicles and bicycles alike to stay alert and be courteous when on the roads.  Corporal Dallas Thompson is part of Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Troop C.  He talks more about safety bicyclists are required to take during the nighttime hours.

Last year, eight people were killed and 438 were injured in 522 traffic crashes involving a bicycle.  Thompson talks about how bicyclists this year can avoid such accidents.

For more information on safety measures and other current news, follow the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop C on X at @MSHPTrooperC or their general headquarters at @MSHPTrooperGHQ.