Morgan Simily Lands On The Softball Dream Team

(Leadwood) For her efforts in helping West County finish as runner-ups in Class Two, the area coaches voted Morgan Simily onto the Regional Radio Softball Dream Team. Simily had a .440 batting average to go with three home runs and 34 runs batted in. Simily tells us how she found out about making the Dream Team.

The Bulldogs fell to nationally-ranked Mount Vernon 6-0 in the Class Two state championship game. Simily says they wanted to win, of course, but she’s been able to look back and appreciate the journey of making it that far.

Coach CJ Wright has often used the term “bulldog mentality”. Simily tells us what that phrase means to her.

Simily was a perfect 24-of-24 on stolen base attempts this season and only made one error while playing center field. She tells us which game during her career she’ll always remember.

Simily wanted to give some thanks.

Simily was named first team all-state. West County ended the year with a record of 24-4.

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