Most Coronavirus Restrictions Lifted at Viburnum Golf & Country Club

(Viburnum) Some coronavirus restrictions have been lifted at the Viburnum Golf and Country Club.

Lance Mayfield is the general manager of the golf course.

Mayfield says the country club pool normally opens this upcoming Memorial Day weekend but slow deliveries for parts has pushed back the pool’s opening to the weekend of May 30th and 31st.

Other amenities at the Viburnum Golf and Country Club are also back open like the Viburnum Fitness Center and the tennis courts.

You can also rent the country club out for weddings and other private functions.

Mayfield says if you do that, it will be up to the renters to put up their own restrictions and guidelines when it comes to Covid-19.

To make a reservation or for more info, call the Viburnum Golf and Country Club at 573-244-5688.

The club is open to the public.