Murder on Neals Creek in Iron County Near Bixby

(Bixby) A man was shot and killed Monday evening in Iron County near Bixby and police are treating it as a murder.

Regional Radio received credible information that the victim was seen lying in the middle of Neals Creek Road, about a mile or so southeast of the old Pump Cemetery.

At that time, the victim was conscious as he was observed laying in a pool of blood.

He had been shot in the stomach.

An ambulance was called by a resident who had drove upon the scene.

The victim was taken by paramedics back out of Neals Creek Road to Bixby and Highway 32 and then taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead according to a member of the Iron County Sheriff’s Department who Regional Radio had spoke to.

Regional Radio does have the name of the victim but we will not release it until we are sure family members have been notified.

A member of the sheriff’s department tells Regional Radio they are treating this shooting and killing as a homicide but they would not confirm whether they are looking for one suspect or more than one suspect.

Whoever did the shooting had fled the scene before members of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Iron County Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene.

We will hopefully have more information sometime on Tuesday.