Musial Awards Producer Visits Bill Bradley Crystal City Sites
(CRYSTAL CITY)    Next month, Crystal City’s favorite son, Bill Bradley, will be in St. Louis to receive a Lifetime Achievement Honor from “The Musial Awards”. The awards program will be held November 18th at Stifel Theatre and CBS-TV will air the program on Christmas Eve.  Adam Dew of Cleveland, Ohio is One of the producers of the “Musial Awards”.  Dew came to Crystal City last week to shoot video of Bill Bradley sites.  Jack Ginnever of the Crystal City Historical Society says he was able to show Dew around town.

Ginnever says he and the producer then went to Hugs Landing Road.

According to Ginnever, Dew was able to visit the Crystal City Historical Society Museum.

Also being honored this year with a Musial Award will be Adam Wainwright.  Wainwright will receive a Musial Award for Extraordinary Character.