New Arrest In Neals Creek Murder

(Bixby) Another person from Bixby has been arrested and charged in Iron County court with First Degree Murder in regards to the shooting and killing of Donald Ray Barton Jr. of Boss.

A day before this arrest, 25-year-old Lorenzo McGee was arrested and also charged with First Degree Murder and Armed Criminal Action.

Now, 48-year-old Jeffery Preston Asher is facing the one felony of first degree murder.

Regional Radio News got word of the murder not long after it took place Monday night around 8 o’clock on Neals Creek Road, about 3 and a half miles away from the Bixby General Store.

Police have yet to release any details on the alleged roles McGee and Asher had in the killing of Barton.

Barton had been shot in the stomach and he was discovered by motorists who found him bleeding out, laying on the gravel road, just southeast of the Pump Cemetery, in an unpopulated wooded area.

Sources tell us Barton may have also been shot in the foot and could have been shot more than once in the stomach.

An autopsy is being conducted this week to determine that question.

On Monday night after an ambulance was called, Barton was flown to the hospital in Sullivan but it was too late.

Not long after arriving at Missouri Baptist, Barton was pronounced dead by hospital staff.

There could still be another arrest or arrests in regards to the murder of the 51-year-old man from Boss as the investigation into this murder continues on.

If convicted, Asher and McGee could receive life in prison and there is the possibility they could even receive the death penalty.

Courtesy Luke Turnbough